Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Two sides of the same coin?

hey guys! how are you all? just wondering if you could help me with my summer project? You will need to buddy up with someone (anyone) and think of someone you both know who i have never seen. I need two different anecdotes about the same person( one from each of you) and this person must be someone i have never seen. For example my friend cecilia is doing it with her mum and they are giving me two different stories about her granny. It might help if you write these down separately so your memories do not influence each other. I need the name (full if you know it) of the person and please try to avoid giving a visual description of the person. It need only be a short anecdote and could be silly or sensible. As usual I have left it all to the last minute so could you reply asap. cheerz me dearz!xxxx

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